The outdoor kitchen plans of build using paving blocks

May 15th
outdoor kitchen plans

Outdoor kitchen plans have become a common feature of homes today. These are another entertainment option that provides more comfort and fun for both guests and hosts alike. The appeal of this kitchen is the grill, with a variety of other materials for the preparation of food and portions. With just a little planning and a certain amount of technical information, you are able to build your special outdoor kitchen using inexpensive materials, for instance paving blocks.

  1. about outdoor kitchens

The outdoor kitchen plans, usually have substantial manufactured grill or barbecue pit, counter space, a sink, a stove and cabinet storage. These elements are usually set in a structure of stone or brick custom-built to conveniently fit the property near the house, patio or terrace. The materials used must improve the appearance of the house and should look natural on stage outdoors. Durability is a factor in outdoor kitchens that are constantly exposed to the elements, so that the materials can cope with the weather conditions are essential.

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  1. Planning your outdoor kitchen

A good outdoor kitchen plans will help the DIY enthusiast to create an attractive work area to fit the distribution of property. Locate the kitchen near the house in one of the areas that have trees and where diners can take refuge from the sun are a good idea. Draw a picture of how you would like the appliances were located and what size would be. The drawing will give you an idea of how big it will be under the center of the kitchen. This area will be framed sections to keep various appliances, as well as some storage space for items that will be frequently used. Paver blocks are then attached to the outside of the frame to simulate a brick layer.

  1. The frame construction of the kitchen

The center of the kitchen is basically a framed wooden box made with various openings to allow installation of a sink, hob and grill. This outdoor kitchen plans with frame is mounted with a wooden 2 by 4 inches (5.08 by 10.16 cm) and a plywood ¾ inch (1.90 cm) attached with glue and nails carpenter. Inside the template of this basic box you can mount structures to hold the grill, sink and countertops, as well as attaching hinges to the doors of a storage section. Water, natural gas and electricity are channeled into the box. A builder felt is then applied over the plywood.

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