Standard Height for Wall Light Fixtures

May 26th
wall light fixtures
wall light fixtures

Wall light fixtures are usually installed to create ambiance, climate and lighting. There is no standard height for these fixtures. Correct positioning for bulbs depends on several factors such as the design and purpose of the luminaries, the style of decoration and the ceiling height. Take all this into consideration when determining the best time for the wall lamps in your home.


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Wall light fixtures that are installed with a goal specific, as decoration in a bathroom or reading in bed, require a particular height. Two chandeliers wall on either side of a bathroom mirror or bedroom should be installed just above the eye line. For example, install the bulbs at a height of 1.5 m to 1.7 m above the ground on each side of a mirror above a dresser.

Ceiling height

Normally, it is not desirable to see the bulb inside the lamp, which causes 1.5 to 1.7 m, is a good time. Stay close to 1.5 m if the ceiling is low, with 2.5 m or less. On the other hand, install the lamps of 1.7 m above the ceiling is 3.0 m or more.


Install wall light fixtures at a height that avoids glare or blinding effect. Other lights, like a row of lamps can be installed in the floor or ceiling to create a soft lighting in a home theater or hall. Hang wall lamps above or below the artwork to highlight the decoration without creating glare or shadows. Use sconces highlight how to create a smooth and comfortable lighting. Chandeliers covered with colored glass or with a dimmer offer a warm, soft glow.


The style of illumination, and its size, factors are also important. For example, install large, Victorian-style chandeliers in a long and high enough so that the tip of the chandeliers is not in the height of the heads of passers by the local wall.

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