Specifications to design kitchen cabinets

Oct 8th
kitchen cabinet organizers for spices
kitchen cabinet organizers for spices

To plan the kitchen cabinet organizers and location, you will need time and planning. For example, if you use a lot of heavy pots, you must create a space for storing large pots and pans near to the stove. You will need to design the cabinets around appliances too. The location of appliances, such as washing dishes in the sink, will determine a lot about how both the upper and lower cabinets will be allocated.

  1. Make sketches of how you think the location of the cabinets and finish all the work of the project on graph paper according to what you want when finished.
  2. Write down the exact measurements of your kitchen cabinet organizers, including cabinets and areas of existing appliances. Start viewing cabinets starting at the sink area where the dishwasher will be placed. Plan to install two or three cabinets to the left and right above the sink. Use them to put the dishes that come out of the dishwasher. Plan doors and drawers in the lower areas in the wall to store pans, pots and utensils. Choose cabinets with no less than 60 inches deep by 90 inches high.
  3. Place the kitchen cabinet organizers of wall top, if necessary, to allow at least 45 cm clearance space between the bottom of the cabinet and counter top along the area of ​​the sink. Leave 45 cm of free space or more walls with benches in other areas of the kitchen. Instead of buying several narrow cabinets, buy a few, but long. Plan to use cabinets with a width of at least 60 cm, so you can stack plates in double rows on each shelf with room to spare.
  4. See some catalogs cabinets and choose a quality that will last at least 15 years. Avoid buying the cheapest, since they will have to be reformed or replaced after a few years. Invest in solid wood cabinets, if your budget allows, you can also choose other options in vinyl or plywood with a high ranking in consumer guides. Choose parts and metal handles that match your appliances. Choose stainless steel, for example, white if their cooker cabinet having a top stainless steel.

5. Design an area near the sink with a big bass cabinet to place large pots. Kitchen cabinet organizers and drawers in the closet so that the pots have facilitated access. Includes side shelves for pans and trays, remember that it is easier to visualize than shelves of cabinets with doors.

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