Proper Installation Modern Light Fixtures of Downlights

Sep 30th
modern light fixtures kitchen
modern light fixtures kitchen

Modern light fixtures – Add recessed lighting in a room can make it more attractive. It can be used as the primary, secondary, or only light to illuminate a frame. However, they cannot be placed anywhere, you should install them correctly on the ceiling to prevent overheat and cause a fire.

Vertical space

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You must leave at least 20 cm of space above the rafters. If that is not enough, buy lights with smaller boxes. This will give plenty of room to work on the installation modern light fixtures and allow the heat to spread before reaching the roof.

Beams and flammable objects

The light box must be at least 3 cm away from flammable objects and beams. The bulbs can get very hot and transfer heat to the box.


Embedded light boxes can be separated into two types, with or without isolating contact. Uninsulated boxes need to be placed at least 8 cm from any flammable material from the ceiling. Those with insulation are designed for use in insulated ceilings. However, many insulated boxes have less power.

Considerations for wiring

When deciding how many lights will be placed in a switch, make sure that the total energy is not greater than the capacity of the switch. Use multiple switches if necessary. Modern light fixtures have switches to shutdown temperature to prevent overheating. This is a good and safe feature, but follows all installation instructions. The light box is only part of the equation. Make sure that the wiring and the ceiling are suitable for this type of situation.


Some enclosures come with fixtures or fixture between two walls. This kind of fixation does not allow air to leak into the attic. According to the Pennsylvania Housing Research / Resource Center, enclosures can reduce up to fifteen times the air leak. This can save $ 10.00 to R $ 60.00 per bulb over a period of one year. Due to the extra needed to seal them space, you might need more space for the installation modern light fixtures. Even the enclosures must have contact isolation if they stay in contact with insulation.

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