Master Suite Floor Plans: How to Stay on Budget

Sep 3rd
master suite plan
master suite plan

Many people, especially those with much money in their bank account, consider the plan to build a master suite in their home. There are many reasons, such as to enjoy the good old days in the home, or because those people just want some luxury touch in their house. In this article, we want to share our master suite floor plans, especially about how to stay on the budget, but keep the luxury side in the same time.
First of all, you have to stay true on yourself, especially about the budget. If you are really that rich, you can put a king size bed with some luxury accessories in it, a big wardrobe for your clothes, a storage room for your shoes and bags, a big mirror with make-up desk, and a big bathroom with a bathtub and a shower room, also combined with toilet in it. You can add details like a beautiful rug from Egypt or some oriental ornaments from China to add the elegance of your master suite room. This is one of our best master suite floor plans, but believe us, this plan is really cost you a lot. Are you ready?
Well, if you have a medium level of budget, other master suite floor plans for you is you have to try to cut things. For example, you still can have a master suit in your house without the bathroom and the storage room. You also can buy cheaper beds (but it has to be a king size bed), and cheaper wardrobe. Don’t add rugs or any ornament, just leave the room with one king size bed, one wardrobe, one make-up desk, and that’s it! But if you want those rugs or ornaments, just buy the cheap one. This is the only way to stay on budget and not cost you a lot of debt in the future.

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