Making Farm House with the Concept of a Hidden Basement

Sep 14th
ranch homes
ranch homes

Do you see a house with a farm style house into an attractive force? If you are accustomed to spending time working with all the boring activity in the office, then you need this house style. Characteristic of a ranch style home with can be seen in the shape and number of floors. But if you want to have ranch floor plans with basement one floor only, this idea would be a very interesting house.

The form of the house like this can be made with home-style asymmetrical. On the outside of the house usually has a shape that is open so sunlight and air can enter the house well. Once you find the style of this house then specify the size. The size of the house will make the size of each area of the room becomes easier to design. The layout for the room that was on the floor of the house is very important so that your farm does not look too narrow or too broad.

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The most interesting part of this is in the style of the house when you have guests who enter the house and they do not think about the basement room. Your house looks just consists of one floor from the outside, but the style of the hidden staircase will connect the basement floor. Optionally you can set up the room in the basement. But usually a lot of wear farmhouse basement room to gather together as a family.

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