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Jun 7th
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Decorating for kitchen themes makes your space is interesting rather than just useful and commonplace. Since there are many issues, consider the styles and eras that you like as well as their colors and favorite foods, and items you may already have on hand that work well in your kitchen decor.

  1. Retro dining room of dreams

The kitchen themes inspired by retro dining rooms creates a breathtaking scene at his residence, decorated in dark red and silver shades, black and white, or turquoise. A checkerboard floor is the classic choice for a retro dining room. Buy a game too retro furniture for your dining room, complete with chairs covered in vinyl for specific seats has the time. Stick with a color scheme throughout the decor – for example, if the furniture is red and chrome, display little retro appliances decorated with the same colors as a mixer or a blender.

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  1. Magnificent wineries

A kitchen themes of wine and wineries creates a country setting if you like to travel to the wine country or enjoy your favorite white or red wine with dinner. Create a chair rail made ​​of corks of wine bottles by cutting them in half vertically and pasting them on the wall in a straight line with hot glue or construction adhesive. The wine labels serve as decoupage material for the tabletop or as a form of framed artwork or crafts. View a large photo of a wine, grapes or an old wine color ad in bright colors. Place potted ivy with leaves that look a bit like grape leaves on top of the refrigerator or kitchen cabinets. A wooden trunk for home wine plants, or use it to guard things above the cabinets. A shelf for decorative wine keeps your favorite drinks in a private corner of the kitchen themes.

  1. Country chic

A rustic or country theme is an ideal option if you like carpentry, tables of wood and an independent decoration of the latest fashion for the kitchen themes and its utensils. A set with wooden table and chairs for lighter colors serves as dining area and decor of your country kitchen, if space permits. Old reclaimed wood can be used as a tabletop or as fare countertops add a rustic touch, complete with nicks and marks. Replace the fronts of solid wood doors of the closet by the wire mesh framed to display the dishes and bottles inside. Display antique bottles in bright colors like cobalt blue and emerald green in the window for a mix of colors.

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