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May 24th
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Single bedroom house plans 650 square feet is more complex as requested by the client. Single rooms are usually sized at least 3 meters to 3 meters. This size is related to the size of the average bed, 2 meters per 1 meter. They are common among the low-income housing sectors for rent and around universities and colleges that will need to house students. This is not described in the current Building Code as a housing unit however; some council in Kenya such as the Nakuru City council has passed bye-laws that allow for the approval of these units.

Cots are much larger; about 3 meters with a distance of 5 meters and include a larger space that fits with a small kitchen and living room. The one bedroom unit consists of a living room, kitchen, bedroom and bathroom. They are usually located in a minimum floor squared area of ​​30 meters. These and 2-bedroom units are very common for rental units. The 3 bedroom units and above are not common as rental units due to lack of demand. Another easer method for choosing these types single bedroom house plans 650 square feet is to search for a home plan on the internet and then ask your architect to adapt the plan to our Area Building Code and Kenya Local Authority rules.

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The Kenya Building Code describes the minimum size and dimensions of habitable space. For the bedroom, the minimum dimension is 2.5 meters by 2.5 meters. For the kitchen, the dimension is 2 meters by 2.4 meters. The minimum floor to ceiling height is described as 2.35 meters for a habitable space. Once all the dimensions of the minimum floor plan are met, the house plan can be approved by the local authority. That’s the article about single bedroom house plans 650 square feet.


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