How to kitchen faucet repair of a leaky

Oct 2nd
kitchen faucet repair price pfister
kitchen faucet repair price pfister

Kitchen faucets are quite used, which causes internal parts wear over time. Sometimes you get to the point of needing kitchen faucet repair of a leaky, but the good news is that the work is not difficult. With a repair kit for kitchen faucets in your hand, you should be able to complete the job in an hour or two. It will certainly be cheaper than hiring a plumber.

  1. Turn off the water. Find the valve that controls the flow of water, looking underneath the sink or the main water supply. Turn the record in anti-clockwise until the water is closed. Open the faucet and let it drain the accumulated water before continuing.
  2. Close the sink drain with a cloth or cover.
  3. Remove the handle kitchen faucet repair. Locate the screw at the base of the handle. You will need an Allen wrench or screwdriver, depending on the type of faucet. Loosen the screw. Turn the handle gently to remove it completely.
  4. Remove coupling tap. The coupling is based on the round part of the faucet that maintains the components in place. Try rotating the coupling to remove it. If not, wrap a cloth on the coupling and carefully pull it out with pliers.
  5. Remove the nut that holds the structure in place using an Alicante.
  6. Remove the entire structure and see if any of the parts are damaged. Check the rubber rings, which are usually the cause of the leaks. If any are damaged, replace with new taps the kitchen faucet repair kit. Check all washers and replace any that are damaged. Check the springs and rubber stoppers inside the faucet body. You may need to use pliers to check the springs and washers. Replace these parts with new parts in the repair kit.

7. Mount the faucet and tighten the nut. Reinstall the handle. Open the registry.

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