How to Install a Dining Room Light Fixtures of Chandelier

Feb 25th
dining room light fixtures with shades
dining room light fixtures with shades

When you change the illumination of an environment, changes the whole look of the space. However, need to match the furniture too, and not only with the size of the environment. Able to combine the dining room light fixtures with the table size, you will create a well-balanced environment.

One element that you cannot forget if you want to change the decor of the dining room at a reasonable cost is a new chandelier over the table. The dining room light fixtures of chandeliers give the room more style than can be imagined: how are hung from the ceiling and over the heads of the guests, are very showy. Replacing it, you can significantly revamp the style of the room in just minutes.

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  1. Place a lamp adjustable floor in the middle of the dining room. Plug the lamp in another room on the opposite side of the house using an extension cord and plug it. Connect the current buff and have someone stay in the room.
  2. Go to the electrical box and disconnect everything but the “light work “. Ask your helper confirmation that the chandelier is not powered. A work light is much more convenient than a flashlight.
  3. Remove the cover to expose the wires buff.
  4. Distort and let loose the white, black, green and red wires connected to the chandelier. Write down which ones are in use. If there is a red wire connected, note the wire color of the chandelier.
  5. Remove the base of the dining room light fixtures pole or the central support structure. Ask your helper hold the chandelier when it becomes free. Take out and leave it aside.
  6. Measure the chains, pipes and other connectors that determine the length of the chandelier. If the ceiling has 2.50m or less, the chandelier should be hung about 75 cm from the center of the table. Otherwise, set it to about 85 cm.
  7. Hold the new lamp in place, asking your assistant hold it while you attach the wires. Connect all the instructions and the configuration that was working. Be sure to connect the ground wire properly.
  8. Place the chandelier in the ceiling mounting box following the instructions. When the wizard’s drop, it should be firm and not “spin” on the air for more than a second. If it is bent or unstable, adjust it.
  9. Add dining room light fixtures of bulbs for installation.

10. Feed the circuit again and ask your assistant if the chandelier was turned on or not. Make necessary adjustments to make it work.

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