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May 23rd
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Contemporary Mediterranean architecture – Before you start thinking about how to decorate a bedroom in a medieval style, think first of whose bedroom it is. If you decorate for a teenager or child, focus on what the teens like. If you are decorating for adults, one bedroom for example, do not forget the details. Attention to small things can make a big difference.

For a teenager’s room

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The most popular contemporary Mediterranean architecture objects with teens, by the way, are weapons. You do not want real weapons on the wall, but many companies sell tricky replicas or plastic lookalikes for decorative purposes. A good screen is a fake sword and a fake ax crossed and hung on the wall. Some companies also sell miniature weapons. Heavy curtains are always a good idea, like lights and lanterns. You probably do not want actual light. Instead, look for lamps that look like old lamps or oil lamps, but the wall plug. For bed and floor coverings, use items that look like tapestries. Add pictures or other art your teen likes, such as lion, horses,

For the bedroom

Use faux brick flooring and wall tiles to give the room a sense of a real castle. On a called floor, add an animal hide, real or false. In an adult bedroom, you can use real oil lamps and candles. For your windows, try the wooden shutters with metal latches. People often think of a prison hole when they represent a contemporary Mediterranean architecture, but medieval people loved bright colors and rich ornaments – like gold. Think light and bold.

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