Cheapest way to reform kitchen storage cabinets

Jun 10th
kitchen storage cabinets with doors
kitchen storage cabinets with doors

The cheapest way to reform kitchen storage cabinets is to paint them. But there are several options when it comes to paint kitchen cabinets that will give you a choice between several unusual and unique styles.

  1. Painting options

Painting is a simple way to update the kitchen storage cabinets. Paint them all white, or white pearl. Or choose a color scheme and use more than one. There are several ways to mix colors when painting cabinets, which provide a visual design professional. One way usually is to decide on a darker color to the doors of cabinets, and a lighter color for the cabinet itself.

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  1. Choosing a color scheme

Color schemes are individual choices, which depend on your personal taste and style. The simplest color scheme is monochromatic, where everything is identical color, or maybe a slight variation of the color. A common example is white, but other colors may also be used. Another option is a color scheme of two shades, where both colors are essentially the same, but one is clearly a darker version of the other. Otherwise also choose two totally different colors. Consult a color wheel: the farther one is from the other, more striking is the contrast until you have two colors that are the exact opposite of each other on the color wheel, which are complementary. Whatever the type of color scheme your kitchen storage cabinets decide to use, start with a color that coordinates with any other item of the environment, as the curtains or the fabric of the cushions of the kitchen chairs, or simply choose a color you like.

  1. Updating the metal parts

Together with painting, you are able to opt to upgrade the door handles and drawers of your respective kitchen. Choose a style that matches the rest of the kitchen, sleek and modern or old fashioned. Door handles can be metal, or have some color somewhere. This is another way to work with your color scheme kitchen storage cabinets, and a means to combine with other items in your kitchen, such as appliances, the appearance of the tap, clock or other decorative items in the environment.

  1. Special Painting Techniques

In addition to simply paint your cabinets, you can use various types of painting techniques to give your cabinets a different appearance. Give the timber a worn appearance, or an antique finish, polished or enameled. Learn to make any such special techniques yourself, practicing on a piece of wood discarded first. These techniques can give your cabinets a unique look without spending a lot.

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