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May 24th
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Best Architectural House Designs In World – Each era has marked a style both in the customs and in the way people dress, in art and of course in the styles of houses and buildings in general. In this aspect of architecture, we have that trends and styles mark the design. This very modern style of modern architecture refers to the buildings we see today. We cannot say that its exterior appearance is defined by some special design since they differ sometimes remarkably from one another.

In general, it is that they have in common, although they vary in best architectural house designs in world, the external interior relationship in the houses. This Mediterranean style with porches, balconies, terraces open to large patios and gardens where wood is an important element in its doors and pergolas is very popular to find in many houses today, especially in places like ranches where outer space lends itself so that they shine in their entire splendor.

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This minimalist term really refers more broadly to any design that is stripped of everything that is left over. What is left over in the exterior of the house or building that is being projected or in the interior, is discarded to synthesize the best architectural house designs in world to the essentials only? It tends to be constructions where the white color and the transparency of the glass make the house shine in its total expression of synthesis that is the real meaning of this minimalist style.

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