Adding Plug in Pendant Light

Oct 1st
plug in pendant light uk
plug in pendant light uk

Plug in pendant light – A pendant light consists of a single light hanging from the ceiling. These pendants are powered by several different ways: some by wires from the ceiling and have a canopy, some are hung by hooks and attached to the wall, and a small percentage is the battery or solar power. If you want to move your existing outstanding fed to a place without ceiling wiring wires, or if you be charmed by a group of outstanding wired but want to hang them with hooks, you can add them plugs.


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  1. Remove the bulb from its pending before starting the conversion not to break it.
  2. Put your pending on the work surface. Remove the canopy, as well as other fasteners located at the top of the pendant cord. Two wires, one white and one black, should emerge from the top of the bead. Discard the fasteners and the canopy or save them for another project.
  3. Peel 2.5 cm insulation from the end of the cord of your lamp, this action must exposing about two inches of the two wires, one white and one black. Make a move to grab and pull with your wire stripper to properly remove the insulation of the cord.
  4. Wrap the two white wires that emerge at the ends of the cord and plug in pendant light cord. Wrap the remaining black wires. Secure them with threaded connectors and isolate what was done with electrical tape. Cover with termorretráteis tubes all areas in which you worked, and use a heat sink, such as a hair dryer or a heat gun to create a soft appearance and a professional appearance.

5. Locate a spot on the ceiling where you plan to hang your plug in pendant light. Locate the nearest wall outlet. Install a threaded hook in the ceiling next to the wall outlet. Hang your pendant converted these hooks. Reinstall the lamp of your pendant.

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