About copper kitchen sinks

Feb 22nd
copper kitchen sinks pros cons
copper kitchen sinks pros cons

The use of copper precedes the story written by millions of years. As of today, this ancient malleable metal remains a popular medium for the development of a wide range of products, from utensils to home decor to copper kitchen sinks. Varying shapes and sizes from large sinks with style and dash to livestock versus traditional under counter double sinks; these high-end stubs add natural charm and character to any kitchen.

  1. ID copper kitchen sinks

Copper kitchen sinks is produced from copper foils, and hammering techniques using different heating processes. Recycled copper is used to create less expensive sinks, and usually recovers from discarded machines, computers and other copper products already used. When you go to buy a copper kitchen sink, it is important that you consider that the higher the proportion of pure copper content compared to other metals, it will be more durable sink.

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  1. Features

Copper sinks come in a variety of finishes and require relatively little maintenance, no need for special care. Applying a soft car wax or brass maintain naturally glowing color of copper sink, inhibiting the natural aging process that would otherwise change the color and overall appearance of the sink.

  1. Considerations

Some owners prefer not to apply protective wax layer in order to allow their copper kitchen sinks to age naturally. Copper develops an aesthetically pleasing natural patina. In fact, some manufacturers produce copper sinks already have wear and have a clear patina, which is marketed as a natural protective layer that will not diminish with use.

  1. Benefits

Made of copper kitchen sinks provide a health benefit critic not available to other sink materials. Copper has natural antibacterial properties that kill viruses and bacteria. This is essential in washing, cutting and processing of foods that have high risk of E. coli and other germs that are dangerous to humans. The copper surface does not allow germs to survive long time, effectively reducing the risk of infected food preparation and consumed.

  1. Caveat

It is recommended that the cut, preparation or whatever that allows acidic foods come in contact with the copper sinks is reduced to a minimum. This is because acidic substances that chemically react with copper if left in contact with it for a period of time. These acidic foods are tomatoes, citrus and citrus juices. The solution for the safe handling of food in a copper sink is to run the hot water for cutting, cleaning and preparation.

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